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Former city attorney may get contract for on-call legal work at city hall

Joe Lang

Joe Lang, a former assistant city attorney who left city hall more than a year ago, may land work as an on-call lawyer for the Wichita Area Metropolitan Planning Organization.

The planning organization and city purchasing officials recommended Lang for the up to $30,000 one-year contract. The money comes from federal transportation funds.

Lang beat out two others who responded to the city’s request for proposals. Council members will vote on the contract Tuesday.

It’s fairly common for former city officials to find new jobs consulting, lobbying or partnering with city hall.

How area legislators voted on bill restricting insurance coverage of abortions

Kansas legislators have approved a ban on insurance companies offering abortion coverage as part of their general health plans except when a woman’s life is at risk.

Here’s how area lawmakers voted on the bill, which passed the Senate 28-10 and the House 86-30 and has been sent to the governor.



All area Republicans voted yes, except for Jean Schodorf of Wichita, who voted no, and Les Donovan of Wichita, who did not vote.


Oletha Faust-Goudeau of Wichita voted no.



All area Republicans voted yes, except for Joanne Pottorf of Wichita, who voted no.

Democrats voting yes

Jan Pauls, Hutchinson; Vince Wetta of Wellington

Democrats voting no

Nile Dillmore, Gail Finney, Geraldine Flaharty, Judy Loganbill, Ponka-We Victors and Jim Ward, Wichita; Ed Trimmer, Winfield.

Democrats not voting

Melody McCray-Miller, Wichita.

Bill banning abortion coverage from insurance plans passes after legislative marathon

TOPEKA — After working through the night and with several stops and starts, both houses of the Legislature passed a bill that will require most women who want an abortion to pay the full cost of the procedure themselves.

House Bill 2075 bars insurance companies from including abortion coverage in their regular health coverage plans. Under the bill’s provisions, general insurance plans could cover termination of pregnancy only in emergency situations to save the life of the mother.

It is the fourth major anti-abortion law to pass the Legislature this session.

The bill passed the Senate easilyThursday night but temporarily stalled in the House, which initially voted to send it back to a conference committee for a revision, but then reversed course and approved the bill 10 minutes short of 6 a.m.

Final passage, 28-11 in the Senate and 86-30 in the House, came after two lengthy rules fights that were ultimately decided by floor votes.

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State budget a done deal after 3 a.m. House vote

TOPEKA – Debating deep into the early morning hours today, the House of Representatives joined the Senate in approving a $13.8 billion annual budget making deep cuts in education and shedding thousands of public jobs.

But unlike in the Senate, the budget faced strong opposition in the House from both left and right.

Democrats and a few Republicans decried cuts to schools and social service programs for the disabled and elderly.

They more or less alternated with conservative-movement Republicans who said the cuts don’t go deep enough.

But in the end – five minutes shy of 3 a.m., the center held and the budget that had been hammered out in 20 meetings of a House-Senate conference committee passed 69-55.

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