Daily Archives: April 29, 2011

Brownback calls for economic air offensive

TOPEKA — After helping to land the $35 billion contract for Boeing Co. to build the next generation of tankers for the Air Force, Gov. Sam Brownback said today that he’s focusing on making sure Kansas gets its fair share of the jobs.

As a Senator before taking over as governor in January, Brownback — along with Sen. Pat Roberts and former Rep. Todd Tiahrt, were among the strongest congressional advocates for the Air Force to reverse an earlier decision to give the tanker work to the European aviation consortium Airbus Industrie.

In a news conference at his Capitol office, Brownback said he’s delighted that Boeing, which has strong Wichita ties, eventually won what he calls “the largest military contract in global history.”

Now, he said he thinks “it’s time we get out of a defensive position on the aviation sector and saying, well, this state, this country’s trying to raid this job and us get in an offensive position.”

Brownback said as governor, he is turning his attention to a different role than he had as a senator, trying to ensure that jobs created by the tanker contract come to Kansas.

“Lord knows this state leaned in hard to get that tanker contract to stay in the United States and not go to Airbus,” Brownback said. “I want them to know we think we ought to be doing our fair share of the work here.” Read More »