Senate vice president questions fiscal note on abortion bill

TOPEKA¬† — The Senate’s vice president today questioned the fiscal note for an abortion bill that would require inspections at the state’s three abortion clinics.

The fiscal impact of the bill would be $67,165 for one full-time staff member.

The bill, Senate Bill 36, calls for at least two inspections each year at each of the state’s clinics.

“I want to know where I could apply for that job,” Sen. John Vratil, R-Leawood said, adding his comment was a rhetorical question.

He said it was ridiculous for the state to pay someone $10,000 per inspection, assuming “that individual has nothing to do the rest of the year.”

Sen. Mary Pilcher-Cook, R-Shawnee, said oversight of abortion clinics is crucial “because the health and safety of women is at stake.”

Sen. Terrie Huntington, R-Fairway, said there are other types of clinics where women undergo surgical procedures such as eye surgery or knee or hip replacement.

If the Senate passes a bill on abortion clinics, she said, then “all ambulatory clinics need to be inspected and licensed.”

Senators are debating the bill now.

Kansans for Life just put out an e-mail asking supporters of the bill to call the legislative hotline.

The House already has passed a similar bill.