Daily Archives: April 13, 2011

Today is the deadline to apply for homelessness prevention

Today is the last day people can call for help that could prevent them from becoming homeless or help them emerge from homelessness.

Catholic Charities, United Way of the Plains and the city of Wichita are accepting calls until the 5 p.m.  for the homelessness prevention and rapid rehousing program. Just call 211 for a preliminary screening.

Those who apply must have a steady income or immediate plans to obtain income. That can include wages, government checks, child support or unemployment.

Intrust Bank Arena gives Sedgwick County a $1.1 million check

Intrust Bank Arena general manager A.J. Boleski gave Sedgwick County an oversized check for $1,116,442 today for its share of revenue from the downtown venue’s first year of business.

Chairman Dave Unruh joked that as a businessman, “I’m not used to holding a check this big — either in size or amount.”

SMG, which manages the arena, has a unique arrangement with the county. It is responsible for any losses.