Daily Archives: April 8, 2011

East Wichita had best voter turnout

In an election with dismal voter turnout, east Wichita’s second district emerged with the highest participation — 17 percent of registered voters voted. The race featured two candidates — Pete Meitzner and Charlie Stevens — with fairly strong name recognition that was propped up by roughly $74,000 in campaign spending on several mail pieces, hundreds of yard signs and other advertisements.

No city council positions were up for election in District 1, in north-central and east Wichita, or District 6, in north-central and west Wichita. Here’s a look at district-by-district turnout in Wichita.

District Registered voters Ballots cast Percent turnout
1 27497 2513 9.1%
2 42425 7265 17.1%
3 22651 2676 11.8%
4 27948 3319 11.9%
5 43622 5959 13.7%
6 27881 3437 12.3%
Total 192024 25169 13.1%

A little post-election fun: Checking the write-in votes

Sometimes voters don’t want to back either candidate, so they get creative at the ballot box.

Among the 66 write-in votes in Wichita’s mayoral race earlier this week: Another Crook, Anybody Else, John Doe, and Neither.

Mayor Carl Brewer, a registered Democrat who cruised to victory with 17,285 votes, may be disappointed to know that he could have had one more. Someone wrote-in “Any Democrat.” And one vote was cast for a two-word phrase that’s a bit too offensive for a family newspaper.

Roy Malcom, who had 302 votes in a losing effort in the primary, had three write-in votes — just ahead of Greg Marshall (2 votes, presumably intended for the Wichita State University basketball coach whose first name is spelled Gregg) and David Ludwa (2 votes).

Elsewhere, Micky Mouse got a vote in Wichita’s third district. So did President Obama. None of the Above got a vote in District 2. Donald Duck landed votes in districts 4 and 5.

Of all the creative write-ins across the county, Micky Mouse led the pack with four votes (several more serious candidates had more).