Last minute cash flowing into city council races

March 25 was a good day for James Clendenin’s campaign for the open city council seat in southeast Wichita’s third district. He collected $7,500 in campaign money that day. Then he landed another $1,000 in the two days after, giving a boost to the $13,625 he has already raised during the race.

Clendenin had already easily eclipsed his opponent, Mark Gietzen, in the money game. Gietzen’s most recent financial report showed him with $18 on hand for the rest of the race — though he may raise more and report it before the deadline later today.

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Clendenin’s cash came from real estate developers, lawyers, bankers and machinists. Among those giving maximum $500 contributions were Andrew, Paula, Susan and Mark Hutton, all listed as attorneys. Genesis Health Clubs owner Rodney Steven II also gave $500, as did developer Jay Russell.

Southwest Wichita’s fourth district campaigns also caught a wave of last minute money. Candidate Joshua Blick reported $5,000 in checks on March 25. All came as maximum contributions of $500. The contributors include: Georgia Biggs, James Dunning, James Dunning Jr., Douglas Farha, Mary Laham, Steven Ritchie, Greg Somerhalder, Elena Somerhalder, Carolyn Timsah and Talal Timsah.

Candidate Michael O’Donnell, meanwhile, reported $1,350 in last minute money. Jay and Pam Russell gave a combined $500, car dealer Les Eck added $500, Benjamin Lee, a dentist, gave $200 and Paul Attwater III, a financial adviser, pitched in $150, the report shows.