Daily Archives: Feb. 16, 2011

Bill would require women to buy an insurance rider for abortions

State representatives are discussing a bill that would require women to buy a special insurance rider for abortions.

The sponsor of the bill, Rep. Pete DeGraaf, R-Mulvane, said most people find abortions morally repugnant and don’t want their premiums paying for them.

Opponents of the bill say women don’t plan for unexpected pregnancies or fetal anomalies. Riders aren’t workable, they say.

Hearing under way on bill that would restrict abortion after 22 weeks

Members of the Kansas House’s Federal and State Affairs committee are hearing testimony this afternoon about a bill that would restrict abortions after 22 weeks except in certain medical situations involving the mother.

Proponents of the bill say fetuses can feel pain at that stage of development.

Supporters of the bill are testifying today. Opponents will testify Thursday.

Planned Parenthood of Kansas and Mid-Missouri say the bill is unconstitutional.

Sedgwick County commissioners vote to continue funding housing program for homeless

In the last two years, 96 chronically homeless people in Sedgwick County were housed in the Housing First program, according to a report presented to the county commission this morning.\

Of those, 21 left the program successfully, meaning they found steady income, entered an in-patient treatment facility, or moved to be near family.

Sixteen left unsuccessfully, either going to jail or being kicked out due to repeated lease violations.

The Housing First program is the responsibility of the oversight committee of the city-county Task Force to End Chronic Homelessness. The report was presented by Jack Focht, committee chairman.

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