Daily Archives: Jan. 31, 2011

House debate begins on Kobach voter ID and proof-of-citizenship bill



TOPEKA — The secretary of state and the ranking Democrat on the House Elections Committee traded jabs today in the opening round of hearings on a bill to force new voter registrants to prove their citizenship and require all Kansans to provide photo identification when they vote in person or by mail.

Several proponents of the proposed voter ID law, House Bill 2067, addressed the committee Monday in what will be at least two days of hearings.

Among them were the election commissioners of both Johnson and Wyandotte Counties, and a woman who served as a Sedgwick County poll worker, who testified she had witnessed numerous irregularities involving provisional ballots.

The bill is the centerpiece of newly elected Secretary of State Kris Kobach’s quest to secure the election process against what he believes to be widespread fraud and voting by noncitizens.

The bill would require that all voters — at the polls or absentee — provide election officials with government-issued photo ID to cast their ballots every time they vote.

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