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Maize USD, Cessna and WDM Architects win 2010 clean air and sustainability awards

Maize School District’s clean diesel lawn equipment, Cessna Aircraft Company’s energy saving audits and WDM Architects’ diligent recycling will be recognized as some of Wichita’s top environmental moves on Friday, the city announced.

Mayor Carl Brewer will award the groups with 2010 Clean Air and Sustainability Awards at the Energy Summit and Fair this Friday.

The winners were selected by the city and the Metro Air Quality Improvement Task Force for “efforts to improve and preserve air quality in the four-county metro area (Butler, Harvey, Sedgwick, and Sumner Counties) and for incorporating sustainability measures in their organizational structure,” according to a media release.

Here’s how the city described the groups’ efforts: Read More »

Abortion bill hearing underway

TOPEKA — A hearing on a bill to place major new restrictions on abortion is underway right now in the House Federal and State Affairs Committee.

Rep. Lance Kinzer, R-Olathe, the chief author of House Bill 2035, argued that the bill is necessary to close loopholes that allowed slain Dr. George Tiller to provide late-term abortions at his clinic in Wichita.

Kinzer said the existing state law made Kansas into a “destination spot for performance of abortion.”

Main provisions of the bill include:

– requiring that both parents give their consent for a minor to have an abortion.

– abolishing the “mental health exception,” which allows doctors to justify performing an abortion if carrying the pregnancy to term would damage the mother’s mental health.

– changes the term “fetus” to “unborn child” in state law

– Requires doctors to report a detailed medical diagnosis to the state to justify performing a late-term abortion.

– allow parents of minors to file a civil suit against a doctor if they believe an abortion was performed in violation of the law.

– raise violation of abortion law from a level 10 person felony to a level eight.

Amber Versola, of the National Organization for Women, argued against the changes, saying they would fall hardest on poor and abused women and girls.

Sedgwick County to take over 911 in Derby and Haysville

Sedgwick County commissioners voted this morning to take over 911 services from Derby and Haysville.

The county will have to hire two people to serve the expanded area. The expansion requires five people, but the county will adjust staff to only hire two people.

Commissioners said they supported the consolidation as an issue of equity because the cities pay fees and taxes for the county’s emergency communications system.

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