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Mayor Brewer delivers State of the City Address

6:48 p.m. — Mayor Carl Brewer’s State of the City Address is over. This year, he didn’t unveil any major plans or break any big news about new developments. Instead, he focused on the difficult economic times, the city’s effort to streamline its services and the need to help the hungry and homeless.

“While we may from time to time not see eye to eye on every issue, on this, we can agree: we must keep our children safe and sound in neighborhoods that protect the investments we make in our homes and our quality of life,” he said.

Perhaps the closest thing to a surprise was the announcement of the long-awaited customer service line, which aims to give Wichitans a way to voice concerns by calling one phone number.

“All you have to do is dial: W-I-C-H-I-T-A. That’s 942-4482,” he said to applause and a bit of laughter.

Brewer outlined the economic incentives the city, county and state used to create and retain jobs — particularly in Wichita’s cornerstone aviation industry. And he said the city would continue to fight to get Southwest Airlines to provide service at Wichita’s Mid-Continent Airport.

“We were ready for Southwest in 2010 with funding in hand – and must be ready in 2011,” he said.

See the bottom of this post for a copy of Mayor Carl Brewer’s State of the City Address.

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