Daily Archives: Dec. 22, 2010

Commissioners say farewell to colleague Welshimer

Joking about how they didn’t always agree but he always knew where she stood, commissioner Dave Unruh wished Gwen Welshimer a good retirement as she heads to California.

Welshimer joked that she would send Unruh an e-mail any time he made a decision she didn’t agree with.

Welshimer is a former state legislator and represented District 5 on the commission. The Democrat lost her re-election bid to Wichita City Council member Jim SKelton in November.

She is moving to California to be closer to her son.

Commissioner Tim Norton joked that he didn’t expect the “love fest” between Welshimer and Unruh.

Chairman Karl Peterjohn gave Welshimer a crystal clock for retirement.

Coleman building demo goes to Key Construction

Sedgwick County has chosen Key Construction to demolish the historic Coleman factory building.

Key’s bid was not the lowest submitted to the company. H.D. Mills & Sons’ bid was $50,000 lower, but the county’s board that reviews bids and contracts said H.D. Mills proposal did not adequately address the county’s desire to salvage the building’s bricks.

Commissioners discussed the bid at length, voting on it separately. They agreed that while H.D. Mills’ bid was the lowest, it was not the lowest responsible bid, which is what state law requires.

Commissioner Karl Peterjohn said he typically supports the lowest bid but agreed that in this case, Key’s bid seemed a better value for taxpayers.

Number of inmates in Sedgwick County jail down this year

The average daily population of inmates in the Sedgwick County Jail through November fell by nearly 100 compared with the same time period last year.

Sedgwick County Manager William Buchanan gave commissioners his monthly update on the criminal justice system this morning. His report said the average daily population from January through November was 1,649 in 2009 and 1,567 for the same time period this year.

The number of days inmates stayed in jail also dropped, which contributed to the decrease in the average daily population. The average length of stay in 2009 through November was 17.4. The average length of stay this year through November was 16, Buchanan said.

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