Daily Archives: Dec. 16, 2010

Brownback names head of the Office of the Repealer, calls for CO2 regulations to be cut

TOPEKA –- Dennis Taylor is Gov.-elect Sam Brownback’s pick to lead the office charged with eliminating regulations deemed unnecessary.

Brownback on Thursday announced Taylor, 61, as his pick for secretary of administration. He will also oversee the newly created Office of the Repealer. Taylor is currently the performance management coordinator for Topeka.

The governor-elect called Taylor “a proven problem solver” who would help pare back government and get the almost 100,000 unemployed Kansans back to work.

“He knows these are tough decisions. We have got to deliver the service and we have got to do so in as compassionate a fashion as we can,” said Brownback, a Republican.

The Office of the Repealer, which would comb through state statutes and regulations to find those that were either outdated or deemed harmful to the state’s economy, was a Brownback campaign pledge.

Taylor, who still needs to be confirmed by the Kansas Senate, said he did not have any immediate regulations he thought should be eliminated.

“It is a process, not a weekly report, and not something that happens immediately or overnight,” he said.

Brownback said that there were regulations he would like to see eliminated, including some educational regulations that had been outlined during the campaign.

“I also believe that the CO2 regulation that was put on, I believe, unconstitutionally and without statute is a clear one,” Brownback said. “This is not in the law, it is not in the statutes and that is a big one that has had a huge impact on the state of Kansas.”

Brownback’s comments come the same day that the Kansas Department of Health and Environment is scheduled to announce its decision on permits for a new coal-fired power plant in western Kansas.

Sunflower Electric Power Corp. is seeking a permit from state to build an 895-megawatt generator in Holcomb, Kansas. The company had originally wanted to build two 700-megawatt plants but those plans were thwarted in 2007 when then KDHE Secretary Rod Bremby blocked the permits citing concerns over the carbon dioxide the plants would emit.

The smaller plant was part of a negotiated compromise engineered by current Gov. Mark Parkinson, a Democrat. It was one of his first actions after taking over office from former-Gov. Kathleen Sebelius who had supported Bremby’s actions.