Daily Archives: Dec. 7, 2010

Brownback announces nominations for several cabinet positions

TOPEKA – Governor-elect U.S. Sen. Sam Brownback gave the first glimpse of what his administration will look like Tuesday.

Brownback, a Republican, announced several cabinet level positions, part of what he’s dubbed his “Economic Growth Team.”

The cabinent nominations still need final approval by the Senate,

The nominees:

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Commissioner Welshimer: My district doesn’t support lower taxes



During a discussion today about Sedgwick County’s legislative agenda for next year, commissioner Gwen Welshimer, who lost her seat to Wichita City Council member Jim Skelton, said that her district does not support lower taxes.

Welshimer ran as “Low Tax Gwen,” touting her work to decrease the county’s mill levy during her time on the board. But she lost her seat, which includes south Wichita, Derby and Mulvane.

Commissioners this morning are debating whether to push for voter approval of any property tax increases that raise the mill levy.

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Commissioners discuss ozone levels

Sedgwick County commissioners are hearing about ozone levels and the effect that burning of grasslands in the Flint Hills has on those.

Currently there are no restrictions on Flint Hills grass burning for production or brush control. A proposed smoke management plan would be voluntary.

Smoke from the Flint Hills has traveled as far as Long Island in New York, said Kay Johnson, director of environmental services for Wichita.

The metro area has struggled to stay in attainment of EPA ozone regulations. Burning in the Flint Hills greatly affects the area’s ozone levels, Johnson said.