Details of city’s proposed trash plan emerge

recycle symbolWichita released a power point presentation on its proposed trash cooperative Monday.

As reported earlier, the plan would provide for curbside recycling, once-a-year bulky waste pick up and standard weekly trash service for $20 a month on monthly Wichita water bills. It would allow customers to throw all recyclable materials into one bin that would go to a new sorting facility in Wichita. The haulers’ cooperative would allot each company a section of the city near its current customer base.

One new detail in the power point: The cooperative would honor the existing agreements between haulers and neighborhood associations that cost less than the proposed price.

The agreement setting up a haulers’ cooperative would be for 20 years.

The City Council is to hold a workshop discussion on the proposal after its 9:30 a.m. meeting Tuesday.

Here’s the city’s presentation:

Solid Waste Master Agreement