Daily Archives: Nov. 16, 2010

Four counties, four town halls, 6½ hours; Moran starts lengthier “listening tour”

C.L. Hoover Opera House

C.L. Hoover Opera House

Sen.-elect Jerry Moran announced today that he’s beginning his annual “listening tour” of every county he represents with four one-hour town hall meetings scheduled, in four different counties, over a 6½- hour period on Friday.

During his recent Senate campaign, Moran committed to setting foot in each of Kansas’ 105 counties at least once every two years if elected. Read More »

City gives county go ahead to tear down Coleman building

Coleman photoThe historic Coleman Company building at Second and St. Francis in downtown Wichita will be torn down.

Wichita City Council members this morning overturned the city’s historic preservation board decision to block the demolition of the building based on its historic stature.

City officials recommended the city overturn the board because the building has been abandoned for years, has a history of code violations and has been a nuisance. Read More »

Man shot in 2008 altercation wants police body cameras

tapeJerald A. Berry said he was shot by Wichita Police in a 2008 altercation in a nightclub parking lot. He said if police had been wearing body cameras it might have helped prove he wasn’t a threat and shouldn’t have been shot.

Speaking in front of city council members this morning, Berry urged the council to consider funding cameras that mount on police officers.

“It polices the police,” he later said. Read More »