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City to pay $925,000 to man injured during 2006 arrest

052710copcars_mh3The city of Wichita plans to pay out $925,000 to settle a lawsuit filed by a man who suffered internal injuries as the result of a 2006 arrest, City Attorney Gary Rebenstorf said this morning.

Rebenstorf said an officer, who the city declined to name, forced a man over the bumper of a car at a QuikTrip at Harry and Hillside after the man interfered while the officer was interviewing another suspect. The officer used “minimal force,” Rebenstorf said. But the man, who was much smaller than the officer, suffered internal injuries that stem from the officer’s weight and the “unusual” bumper.

The man was in Sedgwick County Jail for 12 hours before he was released, Rebenstorf said. After another 12 hours, the man went to the hospital where he remained in intensive care for six weeks, Rebenstorf said.

Read the original complaint.

The man was never convicted of his initial charge. He later filed a lawsuit against Sedgwick County and the city of Wichita, asking for $7.5 million for medical bills, attorney fees and pain and suffering. The case went to mediation and the parties recently agreed to a $925,000 settlement.

“I think this is appropriate under the circumstances,” Rebenstorf said. Read More »