Daily Archives: Nov. 10, 2010

Intrust Bank Arena loses money in September

Intrust Bank Arena lost money again in September, the second month of negative income.

The arena lost $284,023 in September, assistant Sedgwick County manager Ron Holt told commissioners this morning.

The arena had no events in September.

Holt said that year-to-date through September, the arena has netted about $1.8 million.

County commissioners approve jail fee settlement with Wichita

Sedgwick County commissioners have voted unanimously to approve a settlement with the city of Wichita over back jail fees.

Wichita City Council members approved the same agreement Tuesday.

The agreement calls for the city to pay back jail fees by giving the county several pieces of property, including multiple parcels in Furley in the northeastern part of the county.

The agreement will settle a lawsuit the county filed against Wichita — as well as four other cities in the county. The county began charging a $2.09 hourly fee in 2008 to cities that brought inmates to the jail on municipal charges.

The city owes about $10.2 million and will settle the majority of that debt at a rate of 37 percent, paid by property.

The city will begin paying the fees in cash next year.

Commissioners said they were glad the city and county were able to come to an agreement.

Read more in Thursday’s Eagle.

Westar to start four-year tree trimming program

Westar will trim trees and vegetation as part of a four-year “ReliabiliTREE” program that will bring 75 full-time jobs to Sedgwick County.

Don Sherman, manager of customer and community relations for Westar, told county commissioners this morning that tree trimmers will identify certain trees that can cause damage to power lines, making electricity less reliable.

Sherman stressed that Westar would work with homeowners concerned about losing trees and vegetation.

Commissioner Gwen Welshimer expressed concern about homeowners losing trees and shrubbery they use as privacy between houses in neighborhoods that don’t have alleys.

Westar gives at least two weeks’ notice before trimming trees and vegetations and leaves customers a number they can call with any concerns, Westar representatives said.