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Reported dirty-trick robocalls prompt election-eve investigation


TOPEKA – Reported voter-intimidation robocalls, spreading false information about the Tuesday election, are under investigation by state Attorney General Steve Six’s office.

Monday, the Kansas Democratic Party asked the attorney general to investigate reports of voters receiving calls over the weekend telling them “to bring their voter registration card and proof of home-ownership with them to the polls on Nov. 3rd.”

The election is actually being held on Tuesday, Nov. 2, and repeat voters are not required to show any kind of identification to cast a ballot, said secretary of state spokesman Tyler Longpine. If someone is voting for the first time in a county, they are required to show a document — such as a driver’s license or utility bill — with their name and address.

The Kansas Democratic Party said the calls came from a “robocall from an as yet unnamed Republican organization.”

Gavin Young, spokesman for Six, said the calls were to people throughout the state and not isolated in one part of Kansas.

In Kansas, attempting to intentionally mislead voters is a felony, Young said.

The investigation is open and no matter what happens in Tuesday’s election, Young said the investigation will continue.

The Attorney General’s office is asking voters who have received such calls to contact the office at 1-800-432-2310.

UPDATE: Kansas Secretary of State Chris Biggs issued a release saying, “Every eligible Kansas voter should expect to cast their ballot without undue interference, harassment or obstacle on Tuesday, November 2nd.”

His office, which oversees elections, had also received complaints about the phone calls.

Anyone who experiences or witnesses voter intimidation should report the incident to a local election office or contact the secretary of state’s office at 1-800-262-VOTE.