Sedgwick County anticipates challenging financial picture next two years

Sedgwick County is bringing in less than it’s spending, forcing it to draw on its rainy day reserves, and that can’t be sustained for the long term, financial officials told commissioners this morning.

Deputy chief financial officer Troy Bruun said the county will have to make some tough decisions in the next few years as the area struggles with a recession.

The county plans to use $19.3 million of its reserves by the end of next year to avoid cutting services. Services as they exist today could be sustained through 2013 before reserves would drop below the county’s minimum amount.

Bruun said county manager William Buchanan has set August 2012 as the point where the county will have to make some tough decisions about services.

Commissioners say they remain hopeful but realistic about financial conditions and say the county has done a good job of planning for hard times by having reserves.