Daily Archives: Oct. 27, 2010

County employee might lose hair for charity


A Sedgwick County employee might look a whole lot different soon.

To raise money for the United Way’s campaign, county employees are paying to be able to vote on whether Mary Davenport, a project manager for information technology, should shave her head. She’s agreed to if her colleagues raise at least $2,000 and more vote to shave her hair than keep it. As of today, they’re only $500 away from their 5 p.m. Friday deadline, said Carrie Seyam, an administrative assistant for the division of information and operations.

Seyam joked that most people are voting for Davenport to buzz her head.

Global’s Sumner County casino would be the WinSpirit

Global Gaming Solutions said today it has named its proposed casino near Wellington the WinSpirit Casino.

The name and a new logo was created by the company and Armstrong-Shank Marketing of Haysville.

Global Gaming, of Oklahoma, and Iowa-based Peninsula Gaming Partners, which has a proposed the Kansas Star Casino for one of two alternate sites near Mulvane, are competing to build and manage a state-owned casino in Sumner County.

The companies will present their plans to the state’s casino review board at a public meeting at 9 a.m. Thursday at the Raymond Frye Complex, 320 N. Jefferson in Wellington.

Sedgwick County anticipates challenging financial picture next two years

Sedgwick County is bringing in less than it’s spending, forcing it to draw on its rainy day reserves, and that can’t be sustained for the long term, financial officials told commissioners this morning.

Deputy chief financial officer Troy Bruun said the county will have to make some tough decisions in the next few years as the area struggles with a recession.

The county plans to use $19.3 million of its reserves by the end of next year to avoid cutting services. Services as they exist today could be sustained through 2013 before reserves would drop below the county’s minimum amount.

Bruun said county manager William Buchanan has set August 2012 as the point where the county will have to make some tough decisions about services.

Commissioners say they remain hopeful but realistic about financial conditions and say the county has done a good job of planning for hard times by having reserves.

Sedgwick County finds Valley Center has provided services

Sedgwick County commissioners voted this morning that Valley Center has provided necessary services since annexing property into its city limits five years ago with the exception of services to two homes.

Some residents complained to commissioners that they had seen no benefit of being annexed by Valley Center and had seen their taxes go up.

Commissioners said it appeared Valley Center had provided services except for to two houses and gave Valley Center time to improve services.