Daily Archives: Oct. 11, 2010

More jobs open up in Kansas, but Southeast Kansas still lags

TOPEKA – It might not feel like it, but employment prospects improved slightly in Kansas over the last quarter.

Monday, the state Department of Labor said that there were 32,091 job vacancies statewide during the 2nd quarter of the year. That represents a 24.5 percent increase in vacancies from 2009.

“This change in the job vacancy rate is a move in the right direction and reflects the improvements we are seeing in the Kansas labor market as a whole,” said Jim Garner, Kansas Secretary of Labor. “Nevertheless, we need to see continued job growth and openings for recovery in the labor market.”

The increase in jobs openings was spread across the state everywhere except the Southeast Region. South Central Kansas had a highest vacancy rate of 2.9 percent (compared to 2.3 percent statewide) meaning there were almost three openings for every position in the area.

That doesn’t mean there is a surplus of work yet. Kansas averaged 96,428 unemployed workers, so there were about three unemployed people for every reported job opening.

The competition is slightly less than 2009, when there were four unemployed workers for every job opening.