Daily Archives: Sept. 2, 2010

Former Rep. Glickman endorses Goyle in 4th District Congress race



Saying Washington has become too divisive to solve the nation’s problems, former U.S. Rep. Dan Glickman on Thursday endorsed state Rep. Raj Goyle for the seat in Congress that Glickman once held.

“Our politics have become too ideological and too partisan to solve the problems and create the jobs we need,” Glickman said. “And we need somebody in Congress in this district, like Raj, who can deal with these problems in an effective, sensible and bipartisan way.”

A Wichita congressman for 18 years, Glickman said things have changed drastically since 1994, when he lost the 4th District seat to its current occupant, Rep. Todd Tiahrt, R-Goddard. Read More »

Reason Foundation ranks Kansas roads third in the nation

ksroadKansas has some of the best roads in the country according to a study released Thursday by the Reason Foundation.

The Libertarian think tank’s study looked at 11 parameters including costs per mile, congestion, pavement condition, deficient bridges and fatalities.

Nationwide, only North Dakota and Montana ranked higher than Kansas overall.

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