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Thirteen people apply to fill Kansas Supreme Court vacancy

GavelTOPEKA – Thirteen people, all either judges or lawyers, submitted their names to fill the state Supreme Court vacancy created when former Chief Justice Robert E. Davis retired.

The Supreme Court Nominating Commission will interview the applicants Sept. 27 and 28. then submit three names to the governor. Gov. Mark Parkinson, a Democrat, will then make his pick from the three names.

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Commissioner returns to work after surgery for cancer



Sedgwick County commissioner Gwen Welshimer is back at the bench after recent surgery for uterine cancer.

Welshimer, who is running for re-election, shared with her colleagues today that doctors have told her she won’t need chemotherapy or radiation.

Welshimer joked that her surgeon was a robot named Walter. She drew laughs when she said he seemed to be missing a head.

Parkinson brings attention to hunger in Kansas



TOPEKA – Gov. Mark Parkinson extended a task force on Wednesday focused on reducing hunger in Kansas.

“Despite the fact that we live in a place like Kansas and the United States, we continue to have problems with poverty,” said Gov. Mark Parkinson, a Democrat. “One of those problems is in the area of hunger.”

One in seven Kansas household have experienced food insecuirty in the last year, he said.

“This obviously causes all kinds of problems, we need need food to live we need quality food to ensure our kids grow up to lead happy and healthy lives,” he said.

To increase awareness, Parkinson declared September “Hunger Awareness Month” and signed an executive order extending the Kansas Food Security Task Force, which former Gov. Kathleen Sebelius created in 2005.

Sedgwick County employee launches write-in campaign for commissioner

A Sedgwick County training coordinator announced today that she is launching a write-in campaign for District 4 county commissioner.

Carol Bevelhymer said in a news release that she “decided to give 4th district voters a real choice, a chance to make a difference and make their vote count.”

The District 4 seat is currently held by Kelly Parks, who is not seeking re-election. Sen. Oletha Faust-Goudeau won the Democratic primary for the seat, and political newcomer Richard Ranzau, a physician assistant, won the Republican primary.

Bevelhymer said before joining the county, she worked in purchasing in the private sector and has been an adjunct professor at Wichita State University and an instructor at Southwestern College.

Stay on Kansas.com for more information about Bevelhymer’s campaign.

Recovering drug addict tells emotional story to commissioners

A woman who struggled with an addiction to meth shared her emotional story with Sedgwick County commissioners this morning and thanked them for a program she credited with turning her life around.

The woman recently graduated from drug court, a program that works with people whose crimes are related to their underlying drug addiction.

The woman spoke as part of a proclamation recognizing National Alcohol and Drug Addiction Recovery Month.

The woman admitted she relapsed three times during the program but continued to receive services and treatment that helped her stay on a positive track. Read More »