News from the Department of Redundancy Department, 4th Congressional District

Mike Pompeo edition:



Press release, Today,

Pompeo: “Thousands of jobs have been lost in the 4th District of Kansas because the Obama-Pelosi agenda of expanded government and bailout legislation has further stalled our economy,”

Press release, Tuesday

Pat Roberts: “In this era of out-of-control spending, government takeovers in too many areas of our lives, and looming tax increases, Mike Pompeo will stand up against the Obama-Pelosi agenda.”

Pompeo, same release: “We must create an environment that will sustain economic growth and bring jobs back to Kansas, not enable the Obama-Pelosi agenda.

Press release, Aug 16

Sam Brownback: “We need a Congressman committed to the Kansas way, not the Obama-Pelosi agenda.”

Pompeo, same release: “We’ve watched over the past nearly two years as the Obama-Pelosi agenda expands our federal government and spends more than we have.”

Press release, Aug 12

Josh Wells, Pompeo campaign spokesman: “The poll numbers show that voters across the 4th District are united behind the idea that we need a Congressman who represents Kansas, not the Obama and Pelosi agenda.

Wichita Eagle, Aug. 8:

The Pompeo campaign declined to respond directly to issues raised by its former campaign rivals and issued a statement reading, in full: “We’re getting a great response from Kansans of all stripes, Republicans, independents and Democrats, who support Mike and oppose the Obama-Pelosi agenda. There is a strong majority who want a congressman who represents us, not Obama and Pelosi.”

Raj Goyle edition:



Press release, April 14

“More than ever I am convinced that the hard working people of this district are committed to common sense leadership that will create bipartisan solutions to the problems we face.”

Goyle website

“I have worked across the aisle enough to know that bipartisan solutions are Kansas’ pathway to progress on energy.”

KSN voter guide

“We must continue to work toward bipartisan solutions that solve our immigration crisis immediately.”

Eagle voter guide

“Last year’s health care debate showed exactly what is wrong with Washington. We need bipartisan solutions that improve the bill by reducing costs.”

Campaign kickoff speech, June 7

“My vision is one where we work together… where we use common sense to find common ground… where bipartisan solutions fuel the economic growth and prosperity we all deserve.”