KDHE computer services restored

TOPEKA – It will be a few more days before people can access and input records for the state’s Office of Vital Statistics, but on Thursday KDHE announced its computer services had been restored.

The vital statistic system, which handles birth and death certificates, was the last major system to come online and is currently being tested, said Rod Bremby, secretary of the Kansas Department of Health and Environment.

In the meantime, KDHE staff are processing vital statistics requests by hand, he said. During August, the department receives about 900 requests a day.

Right now the department is facing a backlog of 8,000 requests, which is causing about a four-week delay, he said.

Bremby suggests that anyone who does not immediately need a record wait a few weeks to make the request.

The crash, which occurred Aug. 5, shut down most services used by the public and the agency’s e-mail. Technicians have since determined the root problem was a faulty disc drive.

The contractor, Eden Prairie, Minn. based Xiotech, has agreed to cover all the costs of the recovery and system upgrades including state employee overtime wages incurred while manually processing requests.