Airport activity generates about half of Kansas’ aviation economic impact

airportrenoTOPEKA – Kansas airports generate about $10.4 billion in economic activity, a study released Wednesday by the state Transportation Department showed.

That is about half of the commonly cited $20 billion economic impact from aviation over all.

The study was funded in part by a $337,000 grant from the Federal Aviation Administration and $16,500 from the Kansas Department of Transportation.

Kansas Transportation Secretary Deb Miller said she was surprised by just how much airports – from large hubs to small regional sites – contributed to the state.

“I would never have guessed that 50 percent of the economic impact of aviation came from on airport activities,” she said.

The department also announced recipients of 20 grants totally $1.3 million. The grants are part of a pilot program through the Kansas Airport System Plan.

In south-central Kansas the recipients are:

  • Anthony, to replace fuel systems and reconstruct the taxiway.
  • Augusta, to remodel the pilot’s lounge and gutters for T-hangers
  • Harper, for work on the automated weather observation system
  • Wichita-Riverside, to create an airport development plan
  • Wellington, to install ground communications outlet.