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House candidate receives death threat

Dan Manning

Dan Manning

District 91 Democratic House candidate Dan Manning said he came home from work early Saturday morning and found a death threat clipped to the outside of his apartment door.

The note was created with letters cut from newspapers and other publications, and it noted that he’s a candidate for the House. It said “Will DIE,” “Kill,” “MURDER” and “Head OFF.” It also used two derogatory references to homosexuality.

Manning said he checked his doors and windows to make sure he was safe. He said he immediately reported the note to Wichita Police. Wichita Police Capt. Joe Dessenberger said police opened an intimidation case on it. The case is temporarily closed while the letter is being checked for finger prints, he said. No witnesses or suspects have been identified, he said. Read More »

No events scheduled next month at arena

Taylor Swift performed to a sold-out crowd at the Intrust Bank Arena in Wichita, Kansas on April 1, 2010

Taylor Swift performed to a sold-out crowd at the Intrust Bank Arena on April 1.

There are no events scheduled next month at Intrust Bank Arena, assistant county manager Ron Holt told commissioners today.

Holt delivered his monthly report on the arena for June. He told commissioners to expect an operating loss in July but did not elaborate.

From January through June, there have been 71 performances at the arena with gross ticket sales of $12.3 million. Average attendance per performance has been 4,668.

Airport activity generates about half of Kansas’ aviation economic impact

airportrenoTOPEKA – Kansas airports generate about $10.4 billion in economic activity, a study released Wednesday by the state Transportation Department showed.

That is about half of the commonly cited $20 billion economic impact from aviation over all.

The study was funded in part by a $337,000 grant from the Federal Aviation Administration and $16,500 from the Kansas Department of Transportation.

Kansas Transportation Secretary Deb Miller said she was surprised by just how much airports – from large hubs to small regional sites – contributed to the state.

“I would never have guessed that 50 percent of the economic impact of aviation came from on airport activities,” she said.

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Residents: We didn’t want to be annexed

A group of Sedgwick County residents who live in an area annexed by Valley Center say they are not receiving services required under an agreement between the county and city.

Residents say they are paying more for fewer services.

The county is reviewing whether Valley Center has fulfilled service requirements under the annexation agreement.

Sedgwick County to buy Coleman building

Coleman photoSedgwick County will buy the Coleman building at Second and St. Francis in downtown Wichita.

Under the agreement, the county will pay $600,000 for the property, listed in 2008 for $1.7 million and for $1.25 million last year.

The county would build 500 parking spaces on the property and 14 parking spaces for people with disabilities.

The county also will have to pay $300,000 for the demolition of the building and about $600,000 for paving. Read More »

County may delay vote on Coleman building purchase

It looks like Sedgwick County commissioners could delay a vote today on whether to spend $600,000 to buy the old Coleman building downtown for parking.

Chairman Karl Peterjohn noted that commissioner Gwen Welshimer is out because of recent surgery and indicated she wanted to support the purchase of the building. He suggested the board wait until Welshimer returns to work.

Commissioners now are discussing the purchase. Under the agreement, the county would pay $600,000 for the property, listed in 2008 for $1.7 million and for $1.25 million last year. Read More »