Mayor and council salaries were on a pretty steady climb, until recently

City HallBefore City Manager Robert Layton laid out his preliminary budget recommendations this year, which includes significant cutbacks, Mayor Carl Brewer took the unprecedented move of calling for a vote to forgo salary increases for elected officials.

The message was pretty clear: In a year of likely wage freezes, layoffs and furloughs for city employees, the big bosses are not getting any bumps either.

No vote was necessary — they need only decline raises with the human resources department. But the move led to each council member to publicly decline a raise. It was the first time they’d done that in recent history. Here’s a look at the much quieter raises council members got in recent years.

Keep in mind, council members are technically part-time and the mayor is full-time. Their increases are based on the Consumer Price Index, though you may notice that when the CPI went down in 2009, there was no salary decrease — just no increase.

Year      Council salary                  Mayor salary

2003                   $29,845                                   $70,272

2004                   $30,532                                   $71,889

2005                   $31,601                                    $74,913

2006                   $32,707                                   $77,535

2007                   $33,557                                   $79,551

2008                   $34,866                                   $82,654

2009                   No change                               No change

2010                   Declined                                   Declined