Daily Archives: June 11, 2010

Attorney general candidate vows to challenge health law

derekschmidtState Senate Majority Leader Derek Schmidt said today that if he’s elected as attorney general, he’ll join Kansas to a lawsuit by other states challenging the recently passed national health care law.

That draws a stark line between Schmidt and current attorney general Steven Six, who has kept Kansas out of the litigation.

Schmidt, R-Independence, said he thinks the upcoming litigation, challenging the law’s requirement that nearly everyone have health insurance, will set the tone for the entire relationship between state and federal powers for decades to come.

“Federalism matters,” he said. Adding Kansas to litigation filed so far by 33 states would “bring another voice” to the debate.

Six has said that he thinks adding Kansas to the litigation will make little difference except to cost the state money, because other states are already retaining expensive lawyers who can prepare and argue the case effectively.