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Sen. Oletha Faust-Goudeau to run for county commission

candidateSen. Oletha Faust-Goudeau, a Democrat, plans to file Wednesday for Sedgwick County commission.

Faust-Goudeau, who has served in the Kansas House and Senate, will run for the 4th District seat being vacated by Kelly Parks, who announced earlier this year that he did not plan to seek re-election.

Faust-Goudeau, 50, said she wants to be able to serve her home community and work on local issues and problems.

Others who have filed for the seat are Republicans Lucy Burtnett and Richard Ranzau and Democrat and Sharon Fearey.

Democratic gubernatorial candidate Tom Holland to announce his running mate Wednesday

holland,tomTOPEKA – Tom Holland, the Democratic contender for governor, will announce his running mate Wednesday in a state tour starting in Overland Park.

Holland, a state senator from Baldwin City, will face the winner of the August Republican primary in November.

Republicans U.S. Sen. Sam Brownback and state Sen. Jeff Colyer, R-Overland Park, are facing off against Joan Heffington of Derby and her running mate Mark Holick of Wichita.

Below are the tour stops and times for Holland’s campaign kickoff:

9:30 a.m. Matt Ross Community Center 8101 Marty, Overland Park

11:45 a.m. Kansas Secretary of State’s Office 120 SW 10th Ave., Topeka

3:30 p.m. Hyatt Regency Hotel, Chisholm-Stimson Trail Room 400 West Waterman St., Wichita

Kris Kobach files for Kansas secretary of state



TOPEKA – Calling for the state’s top election official to take on more of prosecutorial role Tuesday, Republican Kris Kobach filed to run for secretary of state.

“Some people in the past have seen the secretary of state as an elected bureaucrat as someone who oversees the keeping and filing of records but basically keeps a hand on the tiller and keeps the boat moving the same direction without any changes,” he said. “I would change things substantially and I would go from a ministerial model, which we have right now, to more of a law enforcement model because there is a need to enforce our laws against election fraud.”

Kobach, 43, former state GOP chairman and a constitutional law professor at the University of Missouri – Kansas City, has made a national name for himself defending cities and states who have passed laws targeting illegal immigration. Read More »

Wichita delays its decision on Bowllagio development at Kellogg and Maize

Conceptual drawing of proposed Bowllagio building

Conceptual drawing of proposed Bowllagio building

After a lengthy, emotional and wide-ranging debate, Wichita City Council members put off their decision about supporting the proposed Bowllagio development at Maize and Kellogg for one week.

The indecision followed presentations by Food Network chef Aaron Sanchez, who has proposed a unique Mexican restaurant at Bowllagio, and a representative with Nylo Hotels, which would add a 125- room boutique hotel to the site.

Several council members said they’d love to have Bowllagio in Wichita, but that they can’t support endorsing the use of $13 million in STAR bonds, a state tool that uses sales tax dollars to help fund development of major tourism draws. They worry that not enough analysis has been done to show the project won’t put other local bowling alleys out of business. Read More »

Wichita enacts steeper fees for false security and fire alarms

firealarmFalse alarms on home and business security systems will cost users more money starting Aug. 1.

And that’s expected to help recover some of the costs the city incurs responding to about 25,000 alarms a year — 98 percent of which are false calls.

Wichita City Council members voted 4-3 to approve the new rules. Council members Sue Schlapp, Jim Skelton and Paul Gray opposed it.

Users would still get one false alarm at no charge, but for security calls, the second would cost $40 and the fee would reach $350 on the 10th call.

For false fire alarms, which cost about 10 times more to respond to than security alarms, the fee would be $100 on the second and $750 on the 10th.

The ordinance would also replace the one-time $10 registration fee with an annual $25 fee.

The city had proposed higher fees. But alarm companies pushed back hard and talked the city into reduced fees. Council members Gray and Skelton said they still couldn’t support the $25 fee. Read More »