Daily Archives: June 2, 2010

County commissioners approve revenue guarantee for AirTran

AirTranSedgwick County commissioners this morning voted 4 to 1 to provide a revenue guarantee — or subsidy — to AirTran Airways for a year.

The $6.5 million subsidy will be paid primarily by a grant from the state of almost $4.9 million. The county and City of Wichita will split local funding of $1.6 million.

AirTran has been flying out of Wichita Mid-Continent Airport since 2002.

Commissioners briefly considered putting off their vote for a week or two as talks continue with low-cost carrier Southwest Airlines.

City manager to recommend immediate 7.5 percent water rate increase and 10 percent sewer rate hike

wateringCity Manager Robert Layton will recommend that the city hike its water rates by 7.5 percent and its sewer rates by 10 percent this year, by 8 percent in both water and sewer next year and smaller increases every year through 2018.

That’s based on recommendations by HDR Engineering, Inc, which proposed slowing down the city’s $550 million aquifer recharge project to put off about $35.8 million in expenses. The suggested increases would also require the city to put off about $2.6 million a year capital improvement projects.

The actual water hike will be decided by the city council, most likely on June 15. The hike would be effective July 1. Here’s a look how the recommended increases would play out on average residential and commercial bills.

2010 Monthly Bill Impact

2011 Monthly Bill Impact


$  1.50

$  1.77


$   1.41

$  2.42


$  2.91

$  4.19


$  9.67

$ 11.77


$ 26.60

$ 35.10


$ 36.27

$ 46.87

HDR also suggested that industries use reclaim water, the city rely more on water from Cheney Reservoir and consider using reverse osmosis to purify high water flows on the Arkansas River. Read More »

Sedgwick County trash on the decline

The amount of trash generated in Sedgwick County last year was down about 8 percent from 2008, county commissioners learned today.

Environmental resources director Susan Erlenwein reported that the county generated 411,377 tons of trash last year, or 1,127 tons per day.

Residents generated 4.67 pounds of trash per day in 2009, down about 9 percent from 2008, Erlenwein said.

Construction and demolition waste — lumber, concrete and other building materials — was up about 15 percent last year, she said. About 193,000 tons of construction and demolition waste was taken to the landfill last year.

Recycling is up slightly, and use of the county’s household hazardous waste center, where residents can bring items such as paint and cleaning products, was up almost 9 percent.