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O’Neal panel aims to recommend any disciplinary action Tuesday

A  legislative panel reviewing an ethics complaint against House Speaker Mike O’Neal aims to complete its work and recommend any possible disciplinary action Tuesday.

Punishment, which must be approved by the House, could range from a formal reprimand to expulsion from the Legislature.

Rep. Clark Shultz, a Lindsborg Republican who chairs the six-member committee, said he hopes the committee will vote Tuesday to either dismiss the complaint or recommend any punishment to the full House.

The complaint stems from O’Neal’s work as an attorney representing a coalition of business groups in a lawsuit against the state.

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Winner selected in PR-stunt hubcap giveaway. It’s you, Marysue

UPDATE: After careful consideration (more or less) , the winner of the 1998-2002 Mazda hubcap is …


I liked the idea of using it for an office decoration. I didn’t mention this in the earlier post, but it comes complete with a display stand, which Marysue also will be receiving.

Marysue, you can e-mail me at dlefler@wichitaeagle.com to claim your prize.

Everyone else, I’m sure we’ll have more one-of-a-kind PR oddities to give away over time, so check back regularly.



Want a hubcap?

Me neither.

But I got one anyway.

And you can, too.

The wheel cover pictured at left comes courtesy of the EZ Street Co., which recently launched a campaign at www.pothole.info to focus attention on the nation’s pothole problem.

It showed up in my mailbox as an attention-getter accompanying a press release for the “Spoken Wheel” campaign, which is publicizing potholes by sending out hubcaps recovered from the sides of America’s highways to “civic and business leaders”. Reporters, too, I guess.

Each boxed set comes with a display stand and a coroner tag detailing the hubcap’s “cause of death.”

EZ Street is a Miami-based company that makes …

Wait for it …

Wait for it …

… cold-mix asphalt, used to repair potholes.

Bet you saw that one coming.

One other guy at the paper got a hubcap too, but his was pretty thrashed.

Mine’s definitely from a Mazda and my research (about a minute and a half on eBay) indicates that it fits a Mazda 626, circa 1998-2002.

It’s actually in decent shape — a little scratched up, but a coat of spray paint and you’re good to go.

On eBay, they’re going for about $20, plus $10 to ship.

'Late '90s fashion victim

This could be you

To walk out of here with this baby under your arm, leave a comment and some form of contact info below.

If more than one person (!) wants the hubcap, the decision of who gets it will be made based on completely arbitrary criteria made up on the spot.

Extra points if any of the following apply to you:

“I have a 1998-2002 Mazda 626 with only three hubcaps.”

“I would like to turn a quick 20 bucks on eBay.”

“I want to wear it on a chain around my neck and make believe it’s bling.”

Kansas House will consider forcing attorney general to sue over federal health care reform

Kansas lawmakers critical of federal health care reform are considering a rare procedural move that would force Attorney General Steve Six to join the mounting legal challenges against the new law.

Six, a Democrat, says he is reviewing the federal health care legislation before deciding whether to sue Washington.

The bill, introduced this morning in the Kansas House, would compel Six to sue on behalf of the House, which is ostensibly his legal client. Such legislation requires passage in only one of the state’s two legislative chambers, meaning the Senate couldn’t stop it.

Last week a proposed state Constitutional amendment designed to block the reform bill’s insurance mandate failed in the House.

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Legislature delays budget decisions until wrap-up session

moneyTOPEKA — The clock ticks away on the 2010 legislative session, and Kansas lawmakers have yet to figure out an exit strategy that eliminates a massive budget deficit.

As a result, for the first time in anyone’s memory, lawmakers will leave town this week for a three-week spring break without passing an appropriations bill for the next fiscal year. Instead, they’ll leave the heavy lifting to a wrap-up session that begins April 28.

Because this wrap-up session will be so freighted with big decisions, it’s likely lawmakers will leave a little early this week, perhaps as early as Tuesday. That will save two days that can be used during wrap-up.

Typically wrap-up sessions last three to five days as lawmakers put the finishing touches on legislation. But this year could be a lot longer — two weeks, many lawmakers predict. Senate Vice President John Vratil, a Leawood Republican, even said this weekend that a special session could be in the cards.

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