Daily Archives: March 12, 2010

Alternatives to 15 percent water rate hike explored

wateringCity Manager Robert Layton said that as he was assembling possible solutions to the city water utility’s dire financial situation, he considered borrowing money from the city’s self-insurance funds.

But he decided against it because of the potential for unexpectedly high insurance claims to lead to yet more problems. “We could put ourselves in jeopardy,” he said today.

For example, City Finance Director Kelly Carpenter said the city is about to report that the July hailstorm led to roughly $4 million in claims. Read More »

Tea Party and Coffee Party already started. Beer Party anyone?

coffeecupThe Coffee Party — not to be confused with the Tea Party — is kicking off its grassroots movement in Wichita this Saturday at Riverside Perk.

The meeting will be at noon, a news release says.

What’s the Coffee Party? Their website says it’s a grassroots band of conservatives, liberals, independents and you name it. They “hope to transform our disappointment in our current political system into a force that will return our nation to a course of popular governance, of the People by the People for the People.”

At their meeting, “participants will be asked to sign a civility pledge and to leave party affiliation at the door,” the release says. For information on the Wichita branch, contact Nancy McCarthy Snyder, 316-687-4676, jandnsnyder@cox.net.

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