Daily Archives: March 11, 2010

KDOT releases study of passenger rail service between Kansas City and Dallas-Fort Worth

TOPEKA – The state Transportation Department released a study Thursday detailing the potential costs and ridership numbers of four scenarios which would restore passenger rail service to Wichita.

All four routes would connect Kansas City to Oklahoma City and Dallas-Fort Worth and costs range from $156 million to $479 million. The study estimated the plans would attract between 65,900 and 174,000 riders annually.

The full study, including details on the four options with costs and ridership numbers is available at the Kansas Department of Transportation website.

The study was commissioned by Amtrak and the KDOT.

The most expensive option would be daytime service from Kansas City and Dallas-Fort Worth. It is also projected to attract the most riders.

The least expensive option would extend the Heartland Flyer route from Fort Worth up to Newton, where riders would switch trains and take the existing Southwest Chief into Kansas City. That plan, which would run at night would attract 92,500 riders, the study anticipated.

All four plans include stops in Wichita.

At 1:30 p.m., Secretary of Transportation Deb Miller is presenting the study to a joint meeting of the House and Senate Transportation committee.

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