Daily Archives: Feb. 12, 2010

Commissioner Kelly Parks to Wichita resident: ‘Screw you’

Kelly ParksSedgwick County commissioner Kelly Parks told a Wichita resident “Screw you” when she e-mailed him today to complain about his appeal of a speeding ticket.

Parks used the county’s e-mail system to do so. Deb Young, using an e-mail address she shares with someone else, said she was shocked by Parks’ response, calling it unprofessional. She had e-mailed Parks at his county office. Her e-mail said “QUIT WASTING TAXPAYERS MONEY AND PAY THE DAMN TICKET. HOW SHOLLOW (sic) CAN YOU BE.”

The county’s policy on e-mail says that content should be able to appear in the newspaper without causing embarrassment to the county.

Parks said his response could have been worse if he had been e-mailing from his home computer.

Parks on Thursday lost an appeal of a speeding ticket he received in June. He is considering taking his case to the Kansas Court of Appeals.

Read more about the exchange in Saturday’s Eagle.