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Club for Growth endorses Pompeo in congressional race

The Club for Growth political action committee has endorsed Republican Mike Pompeo in the 4th District Congressional Race.

The conservative economic group, which advocates for limited government and tax cuts, made the announcement Tuesday.

Club President Chris Chocola said in a statement that Pompeo and another candidate the group is endorsing, Robin Smith in Tennessee’s 3rd District “are exactly what Washington and America need right now: honest, principled leaders who realize that big government is the problem, not the solution.” The group’s full statement is posted on its site.

Republicans Jim Anderson, Wink Hartman, Dick Kelsey and Jean Schodorf also are vying for the Republican nomination for Rep. Todd Tiahrt’s seat in Congress. Todd Tiahrt’s seat in Congress. Raj Goyle and Robert Tillman seek the Democratic nomination.

Revote on slots in Sedgwick County could hurt Sumner casino, county official says

012909casino_br05.JPGTOPEKA — Allowing a second vote on slots at the Wichita Greyhound Park could jeopardize the 800 or 900  jobs a Mulvane casino is expected to create, a Sumner County official told lawmakers Tuesday.

“We want those jobs. We need those jobs. Our rural communities are suffering greatly,” said Janis Hellard, director of the Sumner County Economic Development Commission.

Her comments came during testimony on Senate Bill 401 before the Senate Federal and State Affairs Committee.

In addition to allowing a second vote in Sedgwick County, the bill would let racetrack owners keep a larger portion of slots revenue. Supporters have touted it as a way to help create jobs in Kansas.

But Hellard said it could jeopardize the 800 to 900 jobs expected to be generated by the planned Chisholm Creek Casino Resort proposed near Mulvane.

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Who needs term limits in Kansas?



Fun piece of Kansas political trivia: Of all the statewide officers elected in Kansas in 2006, only one — Insurance Commissioner Sandy Praeger — now remains in the job they were elected to do.

–Gov. Kathleen Sebelius resigned in 2009 to become U.S. Secretary of Health and Human Services.

–Lt. Gov. Mark Parkinson became governor when Sebelius left. Parkinson picked Troy Findley to be lieutenant governor.

–Treasurer Lynn Jenkins resigned in 2009 after winning a seat in Congress. Sebelius appointed former legislator Dennis McKinney.

–Secretary of State Ron Thornburgh announced today that he’ll resign next week. Parkinson will pick his replacement.

Attorney General Paul Mor-rison resigned in the wake of scandal; Sebelius appointed Steve Six to fill out the term.

Tickets for Sarah Palin event go on sale Feb. 20



Tickets will go on sale at 10 a.m. Feb. 20 for Sarah Palin’s May 2 appearance at Intrust Bank Arena.

Ticket prices have not been released. They should be available by Feb. 14.

Palin’s appearance, hosted by the Bethel Life School Association, is intended to raise money for scholarships and school equipment at Bethel Life School.

Tickets will be available at the Intrust Bank Arena box office, www.intrustbankarena.com and by calling 316-440-9000.

Those interested in helping to sponsor the event can con-tact the association at 316-285-4661 or email events@blsa.com.

State funding cuts affect county’s human services departments

Comcare, Sedgwick County’s mental health agency, will see $4.5 million in state budget cuts this year, director Marilyn Cook told commissioners this morning.

Included in the cuts are a 10 percent reduction in Medicaid rates, reduced mental health grants and elimination of family-centered care grants.

“It is significant,” Cook said of the funding cuts.

The Sedgwick County Development Disability Organization also will see a 10 percent cut in Medicaid and reduced grants, a loss of about $188,000 together.

The county’s department on aging will lose about $225,000, including $90,000 in Medicaid reductions and $135,000 in cuts to nutrition programs.

State budget cuts also will affect other departments, about $8 million altogether for the county.

Sedgwick County: Assessed property valuations likely to decline in 2011

monopoly houseSedgwick County leaders today are holding their annual financial retreat, at which commissioners get a forecast for the year to help them prepare for budget time in July.

The county’s financial plan estimates that assessed property valuations, up about 5 percent last year, will be up less than 1 percent this year and will decline 1.5 percent next year.

Sales and use taxes are expected to be down about 2 percent this year compared with almost 6 percent last year.

The county expects to see its investments continue to fall. Investment income plummeted about 60 percent last year, and leaders estimate it to be down another 31 percent this year, not turning around until next year.

The retreat, open to the public, continues until 2 p.m. at the county fire district’s station near Wild West World, 7750 N. Wild West Drive.