Inmates awaiting transfer to state prison make up fastest growing jail population

inmatestransferRecords shared this morning at a meeting of the Criminal Justice Coordinating Council, a group charged with reducing the population of the Sedgwick County Jail, show that inmates awaiting transfer to state prison made up the fastest-growing population from July to December.

The Eagle reported on Sunday that journal entries — reports required before the jail can transfer an inmate to prison after sentencing — are taking 60 to 90 days to make it back to the sheriff’s office.

On the latest population snapshot of the jail, taken Dec. 17, there were 113 inmates awaiting transfer to prison, or 7 percent of the jail’s population. In July, inmates headed for prison made up 4.6 percent of the jail’s population.

“To be fair, the largest percentage of these are people who are waiting for a journal entry,” Sedgwick County District Court Chief Judge James Fleetwood said.

Inmates facing trial on felony charges make up the jail’s biggest population, 35 percent in December.