Daily Archives: Dec. 22, 2009

Commissioners get testy over $20,000

During discussions this morning about giving $20,000 to Healthy Options for Kansas (formerly known as Healthy Options for Planeview), Sedgwick County commissioners got a little testy.

There was talk of delaying the donation until an audit of the group was completed, but commissioner Gwen Welshimer then noted that she doesn’t spend a lot of money on traveling as a board member. She specifically mentioned that she doesn’t travel to Visioneering Wichita events.

“I’m not asking for a lot,” she said.

In response, commissioner Tim Norton said he didn’t understand what traveling had to do with giving money to Healthy Options. He said he travels with Visioneering and will continue to do so.

Sedgwick County appoints sheriff as head of criminal justice group

Sedgwick County Sheriff Robert Hinshaw will lead the Criminal Justice Coordinating Council, a group charged with trying to reduce the jail’s population and improve the county’s criminal justice system.

The council makes recommendation to the county about criminal justice issues.

The county is trying desperately to find ways to reduce its jail population and avoid spending tens of millions on a jail expansion.

The council is made up of county and city leaders and criminal justice leaders such as judges, prosecutors and corrections officials.

Taxpayers for Tickets leader urges county to act on ticket scalping

The founder of a group called Taxpayers for Tickets urged Sedgwick County commissioners today to strengthen and enforce laws on ticket scalping so that all residents have an opportunity to see shows at Intrust Bank Arena.

Organizer Todd Allen noted that the Taylor Swift concert sold out quickly, leaving many who had hoped to see the show without tickets.

He said city and county leaders are pointing fingers at each other as to whose responsibility it is to enforce scalping laws. The city has a law on the books about scalping that requires a $200 license, but no one has applied for one.

Allen said tickets for performers scheduled to appear at the arena have been listed for sale on sites such as eBay and Craigslist.

Allen expressed frustration that city officials told him the arena was a county issue and county officials pointed to the city law.

District Attorney Nola Foulston has advocated pushing for a statewide law.

Commissioner Kelly Parks urged Allen to report to police any tickets being sold on eBay and Craigslist for far more than their face value.

County to give KPTS $33,000

To help viewers across Sedgwick County have access to KPTS, the area’s PBS station, commissioners today gave the station $33,000 to expand its coverage.

The $33,000 represents 10 percent of the cost of the project.

Board chairman Kelly Parks said residents in his district in the northern part of the county without cable have complained about not being able to get KPTS since the digital conversion.

The $33,000 will come from the commission’s contingency fund.

Board member Tim Norton said he supported the measure but expressed concern — again — that Parks brought up the issue in an off-agenda item. Consideration to give the station money was not on the board’s agenda today.