Daily Archives: Dec. 15, 2009

Wichita altering pit-bull ordinance

The Wichita City Council today tweaked pit-bulldog control regulations that are scheduled to take effect Jan. 1.

The major provisions of the new ordinance:

– Require pit-bull owners to sterilize their dogs.

– Require a breeder’s license if an owner wants to keep more than two pit bulls.

– Require pit bulls to be implanted with an identifying electronic microchip.

Today, the council carved out an exemption to the sterilization requirement for current pit-bull owners who show their dogs in legitimate dog shows.

Environmental Services Director Kay Johnson said the organizations that regulate dog shows require that the dogs in competition be unaltered and unsterilized.

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Wichita approves arena parking pre-sales

The Wichita City Council today approved an agreement to allow patrons of the Intrust Bank Arena to buy advance-reserved parking with their tickets.

The agreement will allow arena operator SMG to pre-sell parking for 200 spaces adjacent to the arena site.

The number of spaces could increase if demand is high, officials said.

Customers who purchase the reserved parking will receive a parking permit at the same time they get their event tickets.

Reserved parking sales will end a week before each event to allow officials time to set aside an adequate number of spaces for those who pay in advance.

Sales will be conducted at the box office and through the Select-A-Seat ticketing system.