Daily Archives: Dec. 9, 2009

Anderson backs amendment to limit Congress terms



Fourth District Congressional candidate Jim Anderson today announced his support for a constitutional amendment to establish term limits for members of Congress.

“Now is the time to put an end to career politicians,” Anderson said in a statement.

Anderson, a small-business owner, former airline pilot and self-decribed “constitutional conservative,” is seeking the Republican nomination for the seat now held by Todd Tiahrt, R-Goddard.

Early in his congressional career in 1995, Tiahrt supported limiting representatives to six two-year terms.

He’s now serving his eighth term.

The proposed amendment Anderson supports was drafted by four Repulican senators: Sam Brownback of Kansas, Jim DeMint of South Carolina, Tom Coburn of Oklahoma and Kay Bailey Hutchinson of Texas.

It would limit senators to a total of two six-year terms and House  members to three two-year terms.

“If we are truly going to start restoring our country in 2010, we must begin at the root of the problem, and elect people that truly want to serve the public, not live off their confiscated earnings,” Anderson said. “The Founding Fathers never intended for citizens to find permanent homes in Washington D.C. They certainly never intended for them to serve national party and special interests over their constituency. But that is what continues to happen, and the country cannot financially or morally afford it any longer.”

Schodorf joins legal brief to expand individuals’ gun rights



State Sen. and 4th District congressional candidate Jean Schodorf, R-Wichita, has joined a friend-of-the-court brief urging the Supreme Court to declare the right to own weapons as an individual right nationwide.

“The Second Amendment of the Bill of Rights clearly authorizes and supports the rights of the individual in keeping and bearing arms,” Schodorf, R-Wichita, said in a written statement. “This legal brief encourages the United States Supreme Court to take the opportunity … to reinforce individual freedoms, like the right to bear arms, guaranteed to all Americans.”

The Second Amendment reads, in full: “A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.”

Through the years, courts skirted the issue of whether the amendment guarantees an individual right or can only be exercised in conjunction with a state militia.

But in the 2008 case, the Supreme Court ruled that individuals have the right to bear arms in the District of Columbia, striking down a city ordinance that essentially banned handguns and assault-style weapons and required rifles and shotguns to be stored disassembled or secured with trigger locks.

Technically, the decision overturning the ordinance only applies to D.C., a federal reserve.

A test case to extend the ruling’s provisions to the states, McDonald v. Chicago, is currently before the court.

Kansas state offices in Topeka closed Wednesday

TOPEKA – State government offices in Topeka are closed Wednesday, Dec. 9, due to snow conditions.

Non-essential state employees are not required to report to work, said an announcement posted on the state website kansas.gov.