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Kelsey to announce plans for small-town economic development



State Sen. and 4th District Congressional candidate Dick Kelsey, R-Goddard, on Tuesday will be announcing his plans for boosting economic development of small Kansas towns.

Kelsey will make the announcement at a 10:15 a.m. news conference with Bob McEwen, a former Ohio congressman and chairman of Renewing American Leadership, a group started by former House Speaker Newt Gingrich in an effort to strengthen ties between religious and financial conservatives.

McEwen, in Wichita to support Kelsey’s congressional campaign, will speak on Renewing American Leadership at a 7:30 a.m. breakfast, followed by a 9 a.m. seminar on rural community economic development.

A business lunch will be at noon.

All events are open to the public and will be at the at the Holiday Inn, 549 S. Rock Road, Wichita.

Admission to both morning seminars and breakfast is $30 a person.

The price for the economic development seminar alone, without breakfast, is $10.

Proceeds will benefit Kelsey’s campaign.

For information, call 316-771-7310 or e-mail Dick@DickKelseyforCongress.com.

Who’s clearing the air? Your city wants to know.

Wichita is looking for someone who has helped make the metropolitan area an easier place to breathe.

The city environmental services office is seeking nominations for the Metro Wichita Clean Air Awards.

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Not adding jobs, but still getting tax breaks

bond investmentShould the Coleman Company get a break on its property taxes and get the city’s financial backing for its capital improvements even though the company hasn’t added jobs?

That’s the question council members will face Tuesday morning. The city has giving Coleman tax exemptions on a year-by-year basis since it became clear the company wouldn’t add the 200 jobs it projected when the city initially opted to help finance the company’s expansion.

“It hasn’t gotten any better,” Allen Bell, the city’s director of urban development said this morning.

Coleman is asking for $5.3 million in industrial revenue bonds for 2009.