Daily Archives: Nov. 19, 2009

KSU responds to audit that found financial mismanagement

TOPEKA — Former Kansas State University President Jon Wefald gave too much power to deputies who operated with too little oversight, according to a final review of financial irregularities identified in a recent audit.

“It was clear there was an awful lot of power invested in too few people,” current President Kirk Schulz told the Kansas Board of Regents today.

Schulz briefed the Regents on what actions have been taken in response to the June audit, which revealed undisclosed payments, conflicts of interest and accounting irregularities and potential tax problems at KSU and its Athletics Department.

A task force including faculty, alumni, students and university officials reviewed the audit and submitted four conclusions and recommendations.

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Jail consultants meet face to face with Sedgwick County commissioners

Kicking off a meeting with Sedgwick County commissioners and other officials, jail consultant Nancy Insco said she was glad they would have a chance to hear directly from her and her business partner, Allen Beck.

She noted that a lot had been written about Justice Concepts Inc. the past few months.

She said Justice Concepts has remained “relatively silent” in the meantime because of the “serious nature” of its work.

The Eagle has reported that Justice Concepts’ contract expired June 4. It has not delivered any written recommendations to the county during its 10-month contract. Part of its agreement with the county was to reduce the jail’s population by 25 percent.

The county has not paid Justice Concepts all of its original consulting fee yet.

Some officials, including Sheriff Robert Hinshaw, have been critical of Justice Concepts’ work. Commissioner Gwen Welshimer has been Insco’s biggest supporter, saying that she has succeeded in bringing stakeholders in the criminal justice system together.

This morning, Justice Concepts is asking for an 18-month extension of its contract and for an additional $228,000.