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Commissioner keeping mum about reported FBI investigation



Sedgwick County commissioner Kelly Parks isn’t saying a word to explain comments he made Tuesday that he had turned over some “stuff” to the FBI.

Parks made the mysterious remarks, reported first in The Eagle, during a discussion about ethics policies.

On Wednesday, he declined to talk futher about what he had turned over to the FBI. The FBI has not commented on the matter.

Parks’ colleagues on the board as well as county leaders such as manager William Buchanan say they have no idea what Parks was talking about.

Parks told The Eagle on Wednesday that he met with an FBI agent after he made his comments Tuesday and that he had been instructed not to say anything else.

Mike Huckabee is coming to Wichita Monday

HuckabeeThe man Kansans wanted to send to face President Barack Obama in the general election last year will be in Wichita Monday morning to sign his new book, “A Simple Christmas” and the new paperback release of “Do the Right Thing.”

Mike Huckabee‘s book signing is at 10:30 a.m. at Watermark Books & Cafe at the southwest corner of Douglas and Oliver. It’s the only Kansas stop on his 60-city tour. (See an interview with TIME magazine about his book tour.)

Huckabee is the former governor of Arkansas who has also been a pastor and is now a talk show host on Fox News Channel and ABC Radio Network.

Kansas was one of the eight states he captured in the 2008 presidential primaries. He took about 60 percent of the vote. He gave a roaring stump speech and played with his band in a hangar at Col. James Jabara Airport in February 2008 where he called himself a “Wal-Mart Republican” and signed hundreds of autographs after leaving the stage.

his newly released “A Simple Christmas” and new-to-paperback release “Do the Right Thing”

Kansas GOP weighs in on Tuesday’s national election results

GOP elephantThe Kansas Republican Party says last night’s big wins for the GOP show Americans are unconvinced by Democratic health care proposals and the economic stimulus package.

But, in a statement this morning from state GOP Chairwoman Amanda Adkins, the party says more work is necessary before Republicans can count on big gains next year.

“President Obama won New Jersey, Virginia and New York’s 23rd District by at least 5% in 2008. The Democrats’ defeat in Virginia and New Jersey in Tuesday’s elections is an indicator that Americans want more than empty promises of hope,” Adkins wrote.

“Voters believed in Obama’s message but the change they wanted did not include a government takeover of healthcare and a so-called stimulus package that has done nothing to put Americans back to work.

“The close race in New York indicates that we still have work to do. We must educate voters on the pro-growth, pro-business platform that will achieve sweeping victory for Republicans in 2010.”