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Wagle endorses Pompeo in Fourth District congressional race

State Sen. Susan Wagle, who early on expressed interest in running for the Fourth District congressional seat, announced today she would instead endorse candidate Mike Pompeo.

“I value my position as a senior state senator in a small group of 40,” she said in a statement. “Kansas is facing a budget crisis unlike any crisis we have faced in recent history, and it would not be right as a leader of the conservative movement to walk away from an economic downturn, or for that matter, even divert my attention away from the needs of Kansans, when the headlines in our newspapers are about our governor considering a tax increase.”

Wagle said her endorsement of Pompeo, a Republican national committeeman, was not intended to be disrespectful of or derogatory toward two fellow senators who are seeking the seat, Dick Kelsey and Jean Schodorf.

Wagle said she respected both senators.

“However, for the daunting task that lies ahead in Washington, we need someone who stands out above the crowd. Someone who will be recognized instantly as a leader. Someone who has the ability to guide and influence others on our behalf, who has inner strength, and strong convictions,” she said in endorsing Pompeo.

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Susan Wagle to make announcement about congressional race today



State Sen. Susan Wagle, R-Wichita, plans to announce whether she’ll enter the expanding race for the 4th District Congressional seat today.

The announcement is at 2 p.m. at the Wichita Area Builders Association.

(Update: Wagle endorsed Mike Pompeo.)