Daily Archives: Oct. 12, 2009

The link between railroads, global warming and the Nobel Peace Prize



How do you open a speech dedicating a $105 million elevated railroad project? Rep. Todd Tiahrt, R-Goddard, went with a little partisan comedy.

Taking the stage in the cool mist this morning in front of roughly 100 engineers, politicians and business leaders, Tiahrt opened with this:

“Morning. It’s great to be with you at this day. And, whatever happened to global warming? (light laughter) I want to take that up with somebody. We’re looking for somebody in Washington right now. They’re still trying to figure out where the Nobel Peace Prize came from. Once they get past that, we’re going to be fine.”

Later, several engineers and city council member Janet Miller lauded the project for reducing carbon dioxide emissions produced by vehicles as they wait for trains to pass. Read More »

More bad revenue news for Kansas

MoneyTOPEKA – Lawmakers could be faced with cutting more than $100 million from the state’s current budget when they return to Topeka in January, the House budget committee heard Monday.

That assumes there are no further revenue drops, the governor does not order more cuts and state agencies do not request additional money to cover their budget needs.

The latter is unlikely. Alan Conroy, director of legislative research, told the House Appropriations Committee that the state Education Department already had a request of about $91 million additional funds, due in part to more students using free or reduced lunches and an influx in students.

Revenue news was not good in September, which reflected taxes from back to school shopping, money from the federal “Cash for Clunkers Program” and the first quarter of estimated income taxes, Conroy said.

Taxes came in about $67 million below estimated revenues, he said.

“Bottom line the news is not good, we are down about 5 percent overall and it is almost all in individual income taxes,” he said. Read More »