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Lord’s Diner satellite location on temporary hold

The Lord's DinerThe city’s plan to sell the former Boys & Girls Club building on 21st Street to The Lord’s Diner for a satellite location to feed the needy is on hold for the moment, according to city council member Lavonta Williams, who represents the district.

In recent weeks, Williams met with neighborhood representatives to try to reach a consensus. But that didn’t work out. She hopes to discuss solutions with City Manager Robert Layton on Friday, but said she’s not sure when the council might consider some type of agreement. Read More »

Gov. Parkinson joins in criticism of USA Today articles on airports

Gov. Parkinson

Gov. Parkinson

Gov. Mark Parkinson and state House and Senate leaders joined Wichita Mayor Carl Brewer today in protesting USA Today articles that examine how much federal money goes into general aviation airports. (Read USA Today’s opinion piece here.)

(See our post about Brewer’s protest here. And see aviation reporter Molly McMillin’s post on what aviation trade groups say.)

Follow the jump to read letters from Parkinson and Senate President Morris and House Speaker Mike O’Neal…

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Should speeders pay more on the Kansas Turnpike?

70mphState Sen. David Haley thinks so.

The Kansas City, Kan. Democrat said today he’ll keep pushing his idea to charge tolls based on the speed at which drivers fly down the Kansas Turnpike.

If you drive the speed limit, you’d pay the standard fare. If you speed, you’d pay more.

He says this “conduct-based” toll system would encourage drivers to slow down, which would increase fuel efficiency and reduce accidents.

Haley noted that the state increased its tolls as of Oct. 1 for every driver except those using a K-TAG (the little automated toll device). So the state is already saying that some people should pay different tolls, he said. Haley argues the state should extend that philosophy to speeders.

“This new toll system would promote fuel economy, reduce vehicle emissions and save lives by diminishing accident risk,” he said.

Haley’s idea was ignored by other lawmakers in 2007 and again last year. But he’s a determined guy: he worked eight years on an animal-cruelty bill before it passed.

Welshimer to announce plans for campaign

Gwen Welshimer

Gwen Welshimer

Sedgwick County commissioner Gwen Welshimer said today she will announce her campaign plans Friday.

Welshimer will speak at 11 a.m. Friday on the Main Street side of the historic courthouse, which is across the street from the county courthouse.

Three seats on the commission are up for re-election next year: Welshimer’s, Kelly Parks’ and Dave Unruh’s. Read More »

Democrat announces run for U.S. Senate



TOPEKA – Democrats have a candidate for the U.S. Senate.

Long-time Kansas resident Charles Schollenberger, 57, of Prairie Village jumped in this morning.

Schollenberger said he made his decision after touring Kansas for six months meeting and speaking with hundreds of Kansas Democrats.

“Everywhere we went people have been friendly and supportive and have welcomed our efforts,” Schollenberger said. “I believe that Kansas Democrats are looking for leadership from a candidate who is not afraid to get out among the people and wage a grass-roots campaign.”

Schollenberger made his announcement in the park across the street from the famous Monroe Elementary School in Topeka, which now houses the Brown v. Board of Education National Historic Site.

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