Private donations funded most of All-American City trip to Tampa

all-american city logoWhen the city flew a crew of 13 (plus family members who mostly paid their own way) to Tampa, Fla. to compete as a finalist for the All-American City award, it spent about $37,000. That’s a high cost for an award when the city is facing a $13 million shortfall. Even City Manager Robert Layton said he can see why people would question it. He wasn’t surprised that The Eagle had gotten a package highlighting a city newsletter that was upbeat about the city’s trip and winning of the award along with a newspaper clip about the budget woes. But, it turns out, private donations reimbursed the city for most of its expenses. About $32,000 of it, anyway. Mayor Carl Brewer is fund-raising for the rest, and The Eagle will be looking for the follow through. (Here’s more on this Friday’s celebration.)

Meanwhile, here’s a look at who paid what for the 6-day trip.

AT&T $2,000

Camp Dresser & McKee $2,000

Carl Brewer $360

Cox Communications $1,000

Intrust Bank $1,000

Mayors Youth Council (Various Donors) $2,942

Mennonite Housing $1,002

MKEC Engineering Consultants $1,000

Professional Engineering Consultants $1,000

Schaefer Johnson Cox Frey & Associates $500

Slawson Companies $500

Spirit Aerosystems $1,000

The Coleman Company $500

Wichita Metro Chamber of Commerce (Suzie Ahlstrand) $1,612

Wichita Top Children’s Fund $4,623

Total from 2009 $21,040


All American City (Various Donors) $4,500

National Forum for Black Public Administrators (Various Donors) $5,368

Undesignated (Various Donors) $1,605

Total from 2008 $11,473

Total from both years: $32,514