Daily Archives: March 30, 2009

Bill blocking casino annexation sent to negotiating committee

TOPEKA – A bill retroactively blocking a string annexation used by Mulvane to bring a potential casino site into the city limits is on its way to a negotiating committee.

The House on Monday voted 108-15 to send House substitute for Senate Bill 254 back to the Senate. The bill was amended with language from a previous House bill that retroactively blocked the annexation.

Because the bill had been changed from its original form, the Senate sent it to conference committee where six lawmakers – three from each chamber – will negotiate a compromise.

House approves home delivery for wine

TOPEKA – Kansans will be able to have up to 12 cases of wine delivered to their home annually under a bill approved by the state House on Monday.

Senate Bill 212 allows out of state wineries to ship directly to their customers. Currently, wine shipments must be sent to a liquor store.

The measure passed 111-12 and now goes to to the Senate for agreement.

Special events drinking bill passes the House

TOPEKA – The House voted 110-13 for a bill that allows alcohol to be served at special events like Final Friday.

House Bill 2180 allows cities to issue temporary special permits for events that can then serve drinks such as wine, strong beer or mixed drinks. Currently, events such as the River Festival can have outdoor beer gardens serving 3.2 beer in a confined area.

Wichita has pushed the bill as a way to enhance the quality of life in the city and to attract more young people to build lives in the city.