Abortion bill on its way to the governor

TOPEKA – A proposal that will require women be allowed to see ultrasounds or hear a fetal heart beat before receiving an abortion is on its way to the governor’s desk.

On Tuesday, the Senate pasted Senate Bill 238 on veto proof margin of 32-6. The bill applies to all abortions.

“It gives her full information on the reality and status of her pregnancy and of her unborn child so she can make the best possible decision voluntarily and through informed consent,” said Sen. Mary Pilcher Cook, R-Shawnee who supported the bill.

In addition to allowing women to see images of an unborn child, the measure would also require all sites providing abortions to post a sign reading:

“Notice: It is against the law for anyone, regardless of their relationship to you, to force you to have an abortion. By law, we cannot perform an abortion on you unless we have your freely given and voluntary consent. It is against the law to perform an abortion on you against your will. You have the right to contact any local or state law enforcement agency to receive protection from any actual or threatened physical abuse or violence. You have the right to change your mind at any time prior to the actual abortion and request that the abortion procedure cease.”

For more, read Wednesday’s Wichita Eagle.