Under the dome next week

Here’s a sampling of what will be going on under the dome next week.

The House and Senate each publish daily calendars listing the hearings scheduled for the week and what bills might be debated in the chambers. The calendars are posted daily on the Kansas Legislature website.

For March 2-6


House Education Sub-Committee, 9 a.m., Docking Room 711: hearing on HB 2199, concerning school districts and students with dyslexia.


Senate Commerce, 8:30 a.m., Room 545-N: hearing on SB 258, which would increase the cap set for worker compensation settlements and have the amount increase annually based on the Midwest cost of living index.

House Energy and Utilities, 9 a.m., Docking Room 783: hearing on HB 2328 which would make the first Thursday through Sunday in August a sales tax holidays for most clothing, equipment, school supplies and personal computers.

Senate Federal and State Affairs, 10:30 a.m., Room 136-N: continued hearing on SB 179 which redefines racial profiling and require law enforcement agencies to submit an annual report to the state Attorney General’s office on the number of complaints received.


House Education, 9 a.m., Docking Room 711: hearing on SB 84, which would incorporate personal financial literacy into state tests.


Senate Transportation, 8:30 a.m., Room 136-N: a hearing and possible vote on multiple specialty license plates including support for Kansas arts, disabled veterans and a bill exempting “In God We Trust” plates from a startup fee.

House Commerce and Labor, 9 a.m., Docking Room 784: hearing on SB 160, which would increase the state minimum wage to the federal level.

Senate Federal and State Affairs, 10:30 a.m., Room 136-N: possible vote on SB 212, which would allow people to shipments from wineries at their homes and SB 213 which would allow liquor to be served at special events.